Last Mile technology that
makes the most sense

Driver intelligence meets artificial intelligence

Last mile technology that makes the most sense

Last mile technology done differently

Payvmnt Routing Technology (PRT) provides last mile delivery solutions for service providers. Also our same-day delivery as a service (SDDAS) provides delivery coverage across the country. From retail to e-commerce, Payvmnt supports the need for the best last mile solution.

10,000Deliveries Powered by PRT

Machine learning and artificial intelligence taught by real drivers.

Payvmnt is the only solution on the market that uses proprietary delivery data to build AI and ML models to improve delivery routes. Our solution is built around driver’s insights and real-time feedback. Our open feedback loop between technology and drivers allows routes to be optimized daily. The more feedback the better the route.

Upload a manifest or integrate

Connect directly to with our open API source or upload a manifest straight into our app and let PRT do the rest. Sorting and routing done with a few clicks.